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China’s Internet culture is fascinating. The Web is where all the new Chinese memes are born, where celebrities—for better or for worse—are created, where new writers hone their skills, and where songs become hits. The Internet has become the crucible of contemporary Chinese culture, and is the de facto public sphere of Chinese life, where ideas are exchanged, often with remarkable candor.

Here at Baidu, as China’s leading search engine, we sit at the white-hot center of the Chinese Internet. We get to see what, in aggregate, all those individual search queries add up to. We get to see what the hottest topics are on Baidu PostBar, the largest online community site in China. We get to see what questions are on the minds of the Chinese Internet users as reflected in Baidu Knows, our question and answer service. We get to see what videos people are searching for most.

It’s the mission of Baidu’s English blog, the Baidu Beat, to give you a peek into what Chinese Internet users are looking for online: Who they’re fascinated with, what they’re fighting about, who’s making them laugh, and what’s making them cry.

A few words of legalese are in order, first. This blog is written and updated by Baidu employees, but it does not represent the official position of Baidu or its officers. Nor will the Baidu Beat blog be used to make any initial disclosures by Baidu Inc. or any of its subsidiaries or related companies—no first announcements of any initiatives or news that could have any material impact on our business.

We invite your feedback, and you should feel free to contact us at the email address provided on the site. But we will not have an open comment section, because we’ve seen too often how comments sections can turn into an unruly mess, ruled by comment spammers and trolls. We reserve the right to publish any emails sent to us, but will not publish names or email addresses unless permission is expressly given.



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