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Top 10 Search List (November 19, 2012)

wanganna, Monday, November 19th, 2012

1) 五名流浪男童 垃圾箱 死亡(wúmíngliúlàngnántóng lājīxiāng síwáng, five homeless boys died in a dumpster) – Five boys died of carbon monoxide exposure in Guizhou Province after burning  charcoals to keep warm in a dumpster. Their bodies were found in the morning of last Friday and the tragedy sparked much criticism of local government. Chinese story here.

2) 张芊芊(Zhāng Qiānqiān, Zhang Qianqian) – Zhang Qianqian, a formal HK entertainment show host, is the new girlfriend of actor Wang Xuebing. Wang became well known for his role in the TV serial “Cherish Our Love Forever”. Wang and his ex-wife Sun Ning, actress, divorced earlier this year. Chinese story here.

3) 滨崎步当小三(Bīn qíbù dāng xiáosān, Ayumi Hamasaki became the other woman) – 34-year-old Japanese singer Ayumi Hamasaki was seen on the streets of Paris with her back dancer/new boyfriend Maroka Uchiyama, who has a one-year-old extra-marital son and is in the middle of a messy divorce. Hamasaki revealed the relationship in a blog entry last week. Hamasaki and her ex-husband, Austrian model Manuel Schwarz, divorced in January after one-year of marriage. Chinese story here.

4) 陈怡婷 (Chén Yítíng, Chen Yiting) – Chen Yiting is the late girlfriend of Chen Junsheng, a Taiwanese formal singer and show host. The couple made our list a few weeks ago when Chen Yiting committed suicide and left a note accusing Chen Junsheng of cheating on her. Yesterday, Chen Junsheng showed up at the funeral of his late girlfriend and got slapped on the face twice by her cousin. At the funeral, the poor girl’s family members argued with each other over forgiving Chen or not. Chinese story here.

5) 不爽姐(bùshuángjié, the girl who was not impressed) – Gymnast McKayla Maroney made the famous “not impressed” face when she had to settle for silver in the vault for the London Olympics. Yesterday, she made that face with Barack Obama when she visited the White House with a group of Olympians. English story here.

6) 车展儿童比基尼(chēzhán értóng bíjīní, kids in bikini during an auto show) – During an auto show in Wuhan, Hubei Province last week, several five-year-old girls who were competing for a model contract with an agency put on bikinis and posed like car models. The photos went online and triggered fierce criticism from internet users, many accusing the parents of being irresponsible. Chinese story here.

7) 福安 打砸 警车(Fú’ ān dázá jíngchē, police cars smashed in Fu’an) – A traffic accident left five automobiles damaged and five people injured. The police said the officers at the site called 120 but the ambulance didn’t arrive after over 30 minutes due to traffic. Angry family members of the victims and local residents overturned and smashed three police cars. Chinese story here.

8)李烈(Lí Liè, Li Lie) – Li Lie is the ex-wife of Taiwanese musician Luo Dayou (Law Tai-yau).When asked to comment on the new-born daughter of Luo, Li said she was worried and surprised that he can still do this at the age of 58. Chinese story here.

9) 女生被老师带出吃饭坠亡(nǘshēngbèiláoshī dàichūchīfàn zuìwáng, college student taken to dinner by teacher died) - Liu Xiao’ao is a 19-year-old freshman from the flight attendants department of a local vocational college in Qingdao, Shandong Province. She died after falling from the bathroom window of a hotel room last month. She and five classmates were taken to dinner by six teachers and she was very drunk when the accident happened, the university told local media. Her parents don’t believe the story told by the university and are requesting a full investigation. Chinese story here.

10) 徐铮幽会神秘女(Xú Zhēng yōuhuì shéngmìnǘ, Xu Zheng cheating on his wife) – Xu Zheng is an actor/director who married actress Tao Hong and had a daughter. Xu was seen spending a whole day in a KTV and hotel with a beautiful young woman. It was said that the couple have agreed to not intervene with each other’s love life and keep up the appearance of a happy marriage. Chinese story here.




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