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Top 10 Search List (October 18, 2012)

wanganna, Thursday, October 18th, 2012

1) 南京枪击 (nánjīngqiāngjī, Nanjing shooting) – Three masked men were seen firing three shots at an Audi before fleeing in their black car on an elevated road in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province yesterday afternoon. The driver of the Audi was not injured and later taken away for questioning by the police. Local police announced today that the suspects have been arrested and they were hired by someone who had a gambling dispute with the Audi owner. Chinese story here.

2) 网易猪肉 (wǎngyìzhūròu, Ding’s Pork) – It has been three years since the founder and CEO of NetEase, Ding Lei, announced his “pig-raising plan”. Yesterday, a photo featuring a plate of pork went viral on weibo. The plate had the logo of Netease on it. Netease told media that it was only a small tasting held inside the company and the real Ding’s pork won’t hit the market for another year. Chinese story here.

3)韩海警杀中国渔民 (hánháijǐng shāzhōngguōyǘmín, South Korean coast guard killed Chinese fisherman) – A Chinese fisherman aboard a boat fishing in the Yellow Sea was killed by rubber bullet fired by a South Korean Coast Guard officer during a raid. English story here.

4) 泸州交警打死人 (lúzhōujiāojǐng dásírén, Luzhou traffic police beat one man to death) – Over ten thousand people surrounded a truck where the truck driver was said to have been beaten to death by three traffic policemen. Several police cars were overturned and set on fire by angry locals. Local government said on its weibo that the driver died of natural causes after emergency treatment failed.  Picture and Chinese story here.

5) 福州明星狗 (fúzhōumíngxīnggǒu, Fuzhou star dog) – A pet dog from Fuzhou became famous recently. Aside from simple tasks such as fetching the newspaper, the dog named “beauty” can also do grocery shopping for its owner. If a vegetable vendor forgets to give it the change, the smart creature won’t leave the vegetable stand. Chinese story here.

6)  96岁老汉 再生子(96suìlǎohàn zàishēngzí, 96 year-old man fathered his second child) – Miracles happen and Ramajit Raghav is there to prove it. The Indian farmer claimed on Monday that he was the oldest person to father a child at the age of 96. What’s more, he has done it for the second time in a gap of less than two years; Raghav was blessed with his first child in November 2010. English story here.

7) BBC主持 性丑闻 (BBC zhǔchí xìngchǒuwén, BBC host sex scandal) – The BBC is facing police and parliamentary inquires into whether Savile, the eccentric host of the BBC’s legendary “Top of the Pops” music show who died last year at the age of 84, sexually abused a group of women and girls — some as young as 13 — over six decades. The probes follow a bombshell report aired earlier this month by rival broadcaster ITV about the allegations. English story here.

8)喷砂枪 (pēnshāqiāng, pellet gun) – The Nanjing shooting at the top of this list was done by a pellet gun, according to local police. Chinese story here.

9) 申通封杀京东 (shēntōng fēngshā jīngdōng, Shentong stopped deliveries to 360Buy sorting centers) – B2C platform 360Buy confirmed that Chinese delivery and logistics company Shentong Express will no longer deliver 360Buy merchant goods to 360Buy sorting centers. Shentong is said to have stopped deliveries to 360Buy sorting centers because 360Buy has obtained relevant license and are growing as a competitor in the courier industry. Chinese story here.

10) 邱士楷 (qiūshìkǎi, Qiu Shikai) – Qiu Shikai has been Taiwaness actress and model Lin zhiling’s rumored boy friend for many years. Two photos started circulating on weibo yesterday, showing Qiu and the back of Lin in the lobby of a luxury apartment building in Shanghai. She was said to be apartment shopping with her boyfriend, who is the son of a rich businessman in Taiwan. Her agent initially denied but later admitted that she was looking at some properties recommended by a friend. Chinese story here.




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