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Top Ten Search List (July 10)

Katy, Tuesday, July 10th, 2012

The Central Government Takes on the “Three Official Expenditures” and the Heavens Take on the Pigs, all in today’s top ten real-time search list, recorded at 9:50AM.

1. 刘璇奉子成婚 Liú Xuán fèngzǐchénghūn – “Liu Xuan’s Shotgun Wedding”: Word has it that at the start of the year, Liu Xuan, China’s first Olympic Champion on the balance beam as well as its first All Around Medalist (now pursuing an acting career), eloped with Chinese acclaimed composer and clarinetist Wang Tao, purportedly due to an unplanned pregnancy. The two were married in the U.S, with no friends or family present, and no photographs taken. Here’s the story in Chinese.

2. 高考志愿篡改案 gāokǎo zhìyuàn cuàngǎi àn – “The Case of the Falsified Gaokao Application Forms”: A teacher from the Wansheng High School guidance office in Meishan, Sichuan and a staff member at the admissions office of Sichuan Three Rivers Vocational College have been detained for tampering with 12 Wansheng students’ college applications, changing their originally listed first or second-choice schools to read Sichuan Three Rivers Vocational College. In the process, Wansheng High leaked the personal information of 300 students. Here’s the story in Chinese.

3. 北京地铁电梯急停 Běijing dìtiě diàntī jítíng – At 10:45 yesterday morning, a (packed, as usual) escalator in the Xidan station of subway line 4 suddenly slowed, and was subsequently emergency-halted by subway staff. Upon further investigation, it was found that the initial slowdown had been caused by a coin, stuck in the teeth of the escalator. Most people on the moving stairs were just frightened or surprised by the sudden jerk, but five suffered minor injuries. Some took feet to the feet; some took blows to the face. Here’s the story in Chinese.

4. 数学家组团赌博 shùxuéjiā zǔtuán dǔbó – “Gambling Mathematician Group”: The Chinese media has picked up on the story of a secret gambling syndicate in Australia—behind a 2.4 billion AUD global gaming business—that is currently fighting the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) over unpaid taxes. Now, the ATO-handpicked group of 19 suspects is being referred to in Chinese news articles as a secret “mathematicians group,” responsible for the establishment of a “high IQ” punters’ club. With more than a hint of admiration, reports are fixated on the fact that in just three years, these “geniuses” won for themselves the equivalent of approximately 15.6 billion RMB. In Chinese there is a saying that goes “Out of ten gamblers, nine will surely lose”—or literally “ten gamblers, nine losers” (Shídǔjiǔshū  十赌九输); Chinese journalists have thus dubbed these guys the “Ten Gamblers, Nine Winners (Shídǔjiǔyíng  十赌九赢) Nineteen.” Here’s the story in Chinese.

5. 53头猪被雷劈死 53 tóu zhū bèi léi pīsǐ – “53 Pigs Struck by Lightning”: On the morning of July 5 in New Guanming District, Shenzhen Province, 53 pigs were simultaneously electrocuted to death when a flash of extremely powerful lightning struck through the thatched roof of their pen. The mass death will mean a loss of up to 130,000 RMB for the pig farmer. Pictures show the New Guangming Department of Sanitation carting off rows of pig corpses, but some netizens are experiencing some disbelief over the fact that so many pigs could all be wiped out so suddenly. Nevertheless, the pig farmers in question insist that they are not trying to pull anything on anyone and that this truly is a devastating loss for them. Here’s the story in Chinese.

6. 中日搏击王者争霸赛 ZhōngRì bójī wáng zhě zhēngbà sài – This past weekend in Kunshan, Suzhou at the 2012 “Legend of Heroes” boxing championships, China’s strongest beat out Japan over the course of seven matches to take home the title. Here’s the story in Chinese.

7. 天津北辰大火 Tiānjīn Běichén dà huǒ – When a building in China spontaneously combusts, people search about it. Yesterday, a chemical plant housed within the Tianjin Beichen Science and Technology Park suddenly burst into flames, resulting in a chemically spurred, rapidly spreading fire. Fire firefighters fought the flames for a solid three hours before it finally died down completely, and though the majority of the chemical plant’s raw materials were burned, there have fortunately been no casualties reported. Here’s the story in Chinese.

8. 蕾蒙威 Lěi Mēngwēi – “Raymond Weil”: A story was released today (originating from Raymond Weil PR) about the June 26th 35th anniversary Shanghai celebration of the Raymond Weil watch brand, which featured performances by the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra and appearances by Greater China brand ambassadors, Chinese actor and director Jiang Wen and actress Zhou Yun. Here’s the story in Chinese.

9. 机关事务管理条例 jīguān shìwù guǎnlǐ tiáolì – The website of the central government ( yesterday officially announced a new ordinance which requires governments at all levels to promptly and regularly publish their budgets and accounts with regard to the “Sangong” (sāngōng 三公 = ), or the “three official expenditures.” Here’s the story in Chinese.

10. 海航劫机 Hǎiháng jiéjī – HNA Group yesterday awarded large sums of cash and free flights for life (on Hainan Airlines) to 22 passengers from the hijacked June 29 Tianjin airlines flight from Hotan to Urumqi, Xinjiang, in recognition of their heroism in restraining six ethnic Uyghur men who had attempted to take over the plane, reportedly having professed Jihad as their motivation. Here’s the story in Chinese.




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