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Top 10 Search List (May 3)

bettytian, Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

Today’s top 10 real-time search list includes a Tsinghua student who grumbles about an official receiving preferential treatment, and a hospital shut-down due to pressures from a deceased patient’s  family,  recorded at 3:05PM.

1. 山东厅长读博不上课 Shāndōng tīngzhǎng dúbó bú shàngkè – A Tsinghua University doctorate student complained on his microblog that while the head of a government department head from Shandong province is his classmate he has never seen him attend lectures. Tsinghua University explained to the public that the department head is working while studying and is not required to attend lectures on weekdays. Here’s the story in Chinese.

2. 关菊英嫁同性富婆 guān júyīng jià tóngxìng fùpó – Hong Kong entertainer Guang Juying (see photo) has confirmed that she is lesbian and plans to marry her girlfriend abroad this September.  Guang’s girlfriend is the niece of deceased multibillionaire Zhou Wenxuan. Here’s the story in Chinese.

3. 医生集体下跪 yīshēng jítǐ xiàguì – A user recently uploaded a video of doctors at a hospital in Shanxi kneeling down to repent for failing to save a patient’s life. The deceased patient’s family is supposedly very powerful in the region and has forced the hospital to sign a contract agreeing to shut down for three months as self punishment. Here’s the story in Chinese.

4. 打伞手势 dǎsǎn shǒushì – Portuguese soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo made an inappropriate gesture with his hands as an insult to one of the opponent players during a soccer match. Here’s the story in Chinese.

5. 希拉里访华Xī Lālǐ fǎnghuá – U.S. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton is currently in China discussing China-U.S. strategies and economic concerns with Chinese representatives. Netizens are curious to know what is being discussed. Here’s the story in Chinese.

6. 实名制火车票挂失 shímíngzhì huǒchēpiào guàshī – The Ministry of Railways announced yesterday that real name registered train tickets can be replaced if reported lost beginning May 10th. Here’s the story in Chinese.

7. 中央部门预算公开 zhōngyāng bùmén shài yùsuàn – By the end of April, 91 government work units have announced their budget revenues and expenditures for the year 2012. However, many are complaining that most of these reports are still hard to read for the average citizen and require much more improvement. Here’s the story in Chinese.

8. 200亿超生罚款 200yì chāoshēng fákuǎn – News reports online are claiming that the government collect a total of 20 billion yuan in fines each year to families exceeding the birth rate limit. Here’s the story in Chinese.

9. 光线女主播 guāngxiàn nǚzhǔbō – TV host Xie Nan was caught on photo kissing actor Wu Jing in a car close to a women’s hospital in Beijing’s Wangjing district, leading many netizens to believe that the two are an item. Here’s the story in Chinese.

10.  庹震 Tuǒ  Zhèn – According to news reports yesterday, former Chief Editor of Economic Daily Tuo Zhen will now be serving as a member of the Guangdong provincial party committee and a member of the Guangdong provincial standing committee. Here’s the story in Chinese.




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