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Here are today’s top 10 real-time search terms, recorded at 4:10PM.

1. 烫伤女子去世 tàngshāng nǚzǐ qùshì  - On April 1st, a 27 year-old woman was strolling on a sidewalk in Beijing when the paving suddenly gave away beneath her, and sank her into a searing hot water pit. A kind pedestrian quickly rescued the woman out of immediate danger, but by then she had already suffered lethal burns on her entire body. The public has been informed that the woman died in a hospital last night. Authorities are conducting an investigation and seeking out the parties responsible for this freak accident. Here’s the story in Chinese.  

2. 月嫂月薪1.5 yuèsǎo yuèxīn 1.5 wàn  Newborn super nannies in China are getting paid as much as 15,000 yuan per month for providing newborn baby care-giving services, which is strange to most given the fact that average white-collar workers in China aren’t even paid that much. Here’s the story in Chinese.

3. 老酸奶含工业明胶 lǎosuān nǎi hán gōng yèmíng jiāo – A rumor has been passed around on microblogs that industrial gelatin is being used in the production of Old Beijing Yoghurt and jelly snacks. The corporations in charge of producing these food products have come forward to reassure the public that no such ingredient is used in their yoghurts and jelly products. Here’s the story in Chinese.

4. 神童官员 shéntong guānyuán –  Netizens are protesting online after discovering through the Chinese media that some of the officials of Changzhi, Shanxi were as young as 14 when they were first employed by the government. Here’s the story in Chinese.

5. 10岁女孩产婴 10 suì nǚhái chǎn yīng – Netizens are shocked to find out about the 10 year-old girl in Columbia who recently gave birth to a healthy baby via c-section. The father of the child is reportedly a 15 year old boy. Here’s the story in Chinese.

6. 阳春校车 Yángchūn xiàochē – Yesterday afternoon, a kindergarten school bus and a truck crashed into eachother in Yangchun city of Guangdong, leaving 3 dead and 14 injured. Here’s the story in Chinese. 

7. 66393部队 66939 bùduì - The People’s Liberation Army regiment 33939 of Baoding, Hebei has just been assigned a new Commanding Officer by the name of Xu Lingping. Here’s the story in Chinese.

8. 香港最大报纸 Xiānggǎng zuìdà bàozhǐ - Online articles are exposing the inside story behind why The Oriental Daily, Hong Kong’s largest news publication, blocked all positive news coverage of the popular entertainer Andy Lau for four years. Andy reportedly launched a lawsuit against the newspaper for a news article they published about himself, and ever since the two parties have not seen eye to eye. Here’s the story in Chinese. 

9. 碰瓷党买少年 pèngcídǎng mǎi shàonián – An underground group called Pengcidang has been buying kidnapped children, forcing victims to ingest drugs and purposely causing severe injuries to the children to use them for staged car accident harassment. Recently, members of the group have been arrested and the victims have been returned home to recover from their injuries. Here’s the story in Chinese. 

10. 杉浦友纪 Shānpǔyǒujì - Japanese television network NHK has enlisted an ex-beauty contestant as its TV host, a decision that supposedly resulted in a big spike in its viewer rating. Here’s the story in Chinese. 




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