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Surprising snow, scary skinniness, slain sperm (whales), and a significant second are on today’s top 10 list of real-time search items, recorded at 10:10 AM.

1. 姆万巴 Mǔwànba – Fabrice Muamba, 23-year-old midfielder for the Bolton Wanderers, remains in critical condition after collapsing on the field from cardiac arrest. Here’s the story in Chinese, and here’s an English article from CBS News.

2. 空气中抓汽油 kōngqì zhòng zhuā qìyóu – A young man has evidently made a fortune and an impact with his company that recycles gas by extracting it from the air. Here’s the story in Chinese.

3. 三月飞雪 sānyuè fēi xuě – A March snowstorm took Beijing by surprise, quickly blanketing the city in white and causing a traffic accident on the highway that claimed the lives of four passengers. Here’s the story in Chinese.

4. 千禧年千年虫 qiān xǐ nián qiānnián chóng – The National Time Service Center announced plans for China to adopt a “leap second” this year – an extra second on July 1st at 7:59:59 in order to keep official time in line with the Earth. Here’s the story in Chinese.

5. 邓建国 Dèng Jiànguó – Film producer Deng Jianguo has attracted attention with a blunt criticism of the entertainment industry and certain figures in it. Here’s the story in Chinese.

6. 颤音奶奶 chànyīn nǎinai – Dong Yunrong (董云蓉), an elderly woman known as “vibrato grandma” who became famous after appearing on “China’s Got Talent” (中国达人秀), moved people with her rendition of a love song dedicated to her deceased husband. Here’s the story in Chinese.

7. 李岚清 Lǐ Lánqīng – Former First Vice-Premier Li Lanqing visited the autonomous region of Guangxi to commemorate the opening of an art exhibit on seal carving, calligraphy and other traditional cultural crafts at the Guangxi Museum of Nationalities (广西民族博物馆). Here’s the story in Chinese.

8. 美国零脂肪女孩 měiguó líng zhīfáng nǚhái – 21-year-old American Lizzie Velasquez suffers a rare disease that forces her to eat around 5,000 to 8,000 calories a day without ever gaining weight, causing her to remain frightfully emaciated. Here’s the story in Chinese, and here’s an English article from CBS News.

9. 北京法拉利 běijīng fǎlālì – At around 4 AM Sunday morning, a Ferrari crashed into a bridge in Beijing, killing one passenger and severely injuring the other two. The cause of the crash is unknown. Here’s the story in Chinese.

10. 抹香鲸 mǒxiāngjīng – Despite the desperate efforts of locals, four sperm whales stranded on a beach in Yancheng, Jiangsu Province, died on Saturday (pictured above). Here’s the story in Chinese.




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