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Kaiser Kuo, Thursday, February 16th, 2012

We’re happy to announce today the release of the Baidu Browser 2.0, preview edition. The new version represents a significant upgrade from our first release, which came out in July of last year. The Baidu Browser 2.0 now offers even more personalization, a more user-friendly interface, and beefed-up online security to the user.

Back in 2005, in his seminal book The Search, John Battelle described search engines as “databases of intention.” We think that’s spot on. At Baidu we’re big believers in the power of data, and we look constantly to the data we accumulate daily from what, now over 500 million Chinese Internet users. Search query logs help us to understand what users really want. So when we couple that with highly peronalizable Web navigation tools and with our Box Computing open platform, we can deliver an optimal user experience, whether people are looking for information, content like books and video, or any of a bewildering array of applications.

When you open the browser, you see launch icons for all your most-visited websites. Navigation buttons up top take you to launch screens for most popular applications, which can be easily customized by the user with the “+” button in the upper-left, and most popular games (which can also be customized). You can preview what’s on those launch screens by just mousing over the navigation button. Like the Baidu Homepage, you can add notifications of new content—for example, new episodes in TV series that you follow (see here for more on that). Any time you use an app from the Box Computing open apps platform, you have the option of adding it to your favorite apps page. The same goes with games.

Navigation’s easier than ever. Icons at the bottom of the browser let you go directly to Baidu search, to Hao123, to peruse and add from Baidu’s collection of apps, or to your own apps quick-launch. Your quick-launch will also recommend apps to you based on what other apps you’ve already added.

We’ve improved the Baidu search box on the new version of the browser too. We’ve added useful tools like online banking, and translation to the interface. There’s also a new video pop-out function that lets you watch videos in a separate window while browsing the Web.

The Chinese Web isn’t the most secure area of cyberspace, so we’ve improved the browser’s security alerts. You’ll be warned you if you visit sites with known malware or other cyber pathogens. And new ad blockers get rid of scam advertisements and those especially annoying floating ads.

You can also easily give your Baidu Browser a new skin easily, by mousing over the little icon in the upper-right and selecting from the images that pop up.

Down the road, look for versions of the Baidu Browser that will offer even more improvements in user experience. We’ll follow user feedback closely, and continue to do our utmost to fulfill our mission of providing the best and most equitable way for people to find what they’re looking for online.

Click here to download the Baidu Browser 2.0, preview edition.


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