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Today’s Top 10 List (Feb 9)

charliemelvoin, Thursday, February 9th, 2012

Dumpling mess, blogging excess, the Loch Ness, and much more to address on today’s list of top 10 real-time search items, taken at 10:20 AM.

1. 50万卖北京户口 50 wàn mài Běijīng hùkǒu – As China experiences rapid urbanization, residence permits (户口, hùkǒu) for major cities have become extremely valuable. It is rumored that a Beijing permit is selling for an incredible 500,000 yuan. Here’s the story in Chinese.

2. 思念质量门 sīniàn zhìliàngmén – The food scandal involving Zhengzhou Sinian Food Co.’s dumplings and tangyuan remains at the top of the list. This is not the first food safety issue that the company has experienced, and commentators say that the brand name will suffer greatly after this latest incident (a tangyuan with a band-aid in its filling is pictured here). Here’s the story in Chinese.

3. 初中生炫富 chūzhōng shēng xuàn fù – A Wuhan junior high school student flaunting his wealth via microblog posts attracted widespread netizen attention. However, it turns out that the comments detailing his fancy car, expensive watch, etc. were in fact posted by someone else who had hacked the boy’s account. Here’s the story in Chinese.

4. 邮包炸弹 yóubāo zhàdàn – The suspect involved in a parcel bomb in Guangdong has been arrested. The victim is recovering from serious injury, and his family is planning to sue the delivery company as well as the company that it believes leaked his personal information. Here’s the story in Chinese.

5. 退伍兵抢金店 tuìwǔ bīng qiǎng jīn diàn – A retired soldier has been arrested for armed robbery, thanks to security camera footage that captures the 37-year-old breaking into a gold store. Here’s the story in Chinese.

6. 拉加尔河水怪 lājiā’ěr héshuǐ guài – The Loch Ness monster at last! An Icelandic news channel aired a clip that claims to be a sighting of the legendary creature, better known– says the Chinese press, though this is news to us–as the Lagarfljot river worm. Here’s the video.

7. 曹郁 Cáo Yù – Paparazzi photos show cinematographer Cao Yu walking arm in arm with beloved actress Yao Chen (姚晨), providing easy fodder for the rumor mill. Here’s the story in Chinese.

8. 公车少开一天 gōngchē shǎo kāi yītiān – In an attempt to limit the number of vehicles on the road – an issue that is plaguing cities across the country – the Shenzhen government is in the process of devising a policy that requires public buses to take one day off each week. Here’s the story in Chinese.

9. 莎莎·嘉宝 Shāshā·Jiābǎo – Hollywood icon Zsa Zsa Gabor celebrated her 95th birthday in a big celebration organized by her husband, Prince Frederic von Anhalt. Here’s the story in Chinese.

10. 药家鑫案再起纷争 Yào Jiāxīn àn zàiqǐ fēnzhēng – A hit-and-run case from October 2010, in which 21-year-old Yao Jiaxin murdered the cyclist he hit to cover his tracks, has resurfaced in a dispute over compensation for the victim’s family. Here’s the story in Chinese, and here’s an English article from the China Daily.




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