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Today’s Top 10 List (Jan 11)

charliemelvoin, Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

Future life on Mars, “mouse hand,” and beach bodyguard training are among the most searched items on today’s list of real-time results.

1. 溺爱百姓成刁民 nì’ài bǎixìng chéng diāo mín – On Monday morning, representatives of the National People’s Congress made a speech in Foshan comparing Chinese citizens to children, stressing that they become troublesome when spoiled. Many people viewed this remark as not only disparaging but also inverted, arguing that it’s the tax-paying public that acts as the parent keeping government officials in line. Here’s the story in Chinese.

2. 警车为领导开道 jǐngchē wèi lǐngdǎo kāidào – A photograph of a Wenling Party leader (Zhejiang Province) riding his bicycle behind an escort of police motorcycles has triggered discussion among netizens, who have interpreted the motorcade as an abuse of his political privilege. However, the leader refuted these accusations, saying that this procession was in honor of a new public bicycle project. Here’s the story in Chinese.

3. 英媒辱华言论 yīng méi rǔ huá yánlùn – BBC host Jeremy Clarkson (克拉克森拿) is in the hot seat for an offensive comment he made about the 23 Chinese cockle-pickers who drowned in England’s Morecambe Bay in 2004. Here’s the story in Chinese.

4. 真功夫催款门 zhēn gōngfu cuī kuǎn mén – The Chinese fast-food chain Kungfu (真功夫) is enmeshed in a nebulous controversy regarding default payments it owes labor contractors; the company denies that it’s in the wrong. Here’s the story in Chinese.

5. 白领化身炯炯侠 báilǐng huàshēn jiǒngjiǒng xiá – A white collar businessman has adopted an alter ego as the “bright knight” for the selfless help he offers others during rush hour. Here’s the story in Chinese.

6. 霍金预言 Huò Jīn yùyán – British theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking asserted that it was essential for humans to colonize Mars, for there is a likely possibility that Earth will suffer a major disaster within the next century. Here’s the story in Chinese.

7. 鼠标手职业病 shǔbiāo shǒu zhíyèbìng – Medical problems resulting from extensive computer mouse usage have made “mouse hand” the latest “occupational disease” to enter an official national list of ailments, accompanied by recommended preventative measures. Here’s the story in Chinese.

8. 电影票限价令 diànyǐng piào xiàn jià ling – There is word that the State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television (SARFT, 国家广播电影电视总局) may introduce a decree within the coming year that puts a fixed price limit on movie tickets, making them affordable to a much larger population. Here’s the story in Chinese.

9. csdn泄密门 csdn xièmì mén – The Chinese Software Developer Network (CSDN) is in the process of arresting and sentencing the people who hacked into its system and leaked damaging private data. Here’s the story in Chinese.

10. 揭秘私人女保镖训练 jiēmì sīrén nǚ bǎobiāo xùnliàn – A Beijing-based personal bodyguard company launched a boot camp on Hainan island for 20 women aspiring to join the profession, subjecting the swimsuit-clad ladies to a grueling training program (pictured above). Here’s the story in Chinese.




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