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Virgos, Scorpios need not apply

charliemelvoin, Friday, November 25th, 2011

A job posting in Wuhan’s China University of Geosciences has given new meaning to the notion that one’s fate may be written in the stars. The notice states: “Do not want Virgos, Scorpios. Preference given to Capricorns, Pisces, Libras.”

The advertisement is from an education company looking for an English teacher and a clerk. A spokesperson from the company claims that research has shown that Scorpios are easily aggravated and that Virgos are fussy.

Unsurprisingly, the posting has sparked lively debate about such blatant discrimination. It appears that zodiac signs – what most people would agree to be an arbitrary aspect of an applicant’s profile – have in fact become significant criteria for many companies. While it’s hard to quantify the extent to which astrology has truly entered the hiring process, the aftermath of this story on Wuhan has revealed that it is not an isolated case.

With the spotlight on horoscopes, several specialists have come forth to confirm that a person’s birth month has no proven scientific connection to their personality, skill, or potential – it is merely a form of superstition that should have no impact on employment procedures. Other specialists have commented on the legal implications of this posting, encouraging applicants who feel wronged by the bias to file a formal complaint.

It is unclear whether a lawsuit will actually materialize, but in the meantime netizens have stormed online forums to express their outrage. “In the competitive job market of today, to even suggest that your birth month is grounds for rejection is absolutely unacceptable,” wrote one person. “We face discrimination of all kinds when applying for jobs, from physical appearance to hometown, but this fortune-telling nonsense takes it to a whole new level.”

“Job posting considers zodiac sign” (招聘看星座 zhāopìn kàn xīngzuò) was ranked 5th on Baidu’s list of real-time search items today.


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