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This past weekend was by no means short of romantic zest. With the Chinese Valentines Day, or qixi, falling on Saturday, couples across the country could be seen displaying an extra slice of love. A man in Qingdao, however, seems to have taken the national holiday to a whole new level, proposing to his girlfriend of six months via a 49-person dancing carrot routine orchestrated in the city’s commercial center.

The man, who has since been given the online moniker “Carrot Brother,” succeeded in ambushing his girlfriend in Qingdao’s crowded Aofan Square at exactly 2:30 in the afternoon on Saturday. As she waited in the square, 49 dancing carrots boogied their way into the public space, shaking their plump torsos to the boisterous theme music of “If you are the one,” a hit dating show broadcast on Jiangsu TV.

When a sufficiently large crowded had amassed – which is almost instantaneous in this country of 1.4 billion – the music was suddenly cut and Carrot Brother’s declaration of love for his unsuspecting girlfriend was broadcast over the loudspeakers. The frazzled bride-to-be tried calling her boyfriend, who was stealthily disguised as the forty-ninth carrot. After allowing the suspense to build, Carrot Brother unveiled himself, reuniting with his significant other in a strong embrace.

“I met you for the first time six months ago,” Carrot Brother stated on bended knee. “It’s still crystal clear in my mind – your bashfulness during our first dinner date, the way I felt when I saw you to your apartment door, the way you trembled when I reached to hold your hand when we went to the movies for the first time.”

As Carrot Brother delivered his speech, the crowd began chanting in anticipation: “Marry him! Marry him!” The woman accepted Carrot Brother’s proposal on the spot, sending the crowd into an excited frenzy. According to online reports, the inventive proposal cost Carrot Brother a hefty 100,000 RMB (roughly USD 15,500) and took three weeks to prepare.

“Carrot Brother marriage proposal”(胡萝卜哥求婚 húluóbo gē qiúhūn)  is currently the sixth most searched item on Baidu’s real-time search ranking.


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